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A house hangs on a rocky and humid hillside, the infinite surge of the ocean under a crepuscular sky. A man and a woman have chosen this remote place to live, away from other houses, away from anyone; a house where finally they can live alone, alone only for each other. But she is obsessed with a strange premonition: what would happen if someone came? Slowly they slip into a spiral that does not stop turning as it closes around that open and borderline space that overwhelms those two fragile characters whit its immensity. The crystalline and austere language of Jon Fosse turns onto itself… the words are repeated over an over to the infinite or hang suspended on emotional tides, float over these characters who have to live not only for each other, but also with their own solitude. Like transparent screens that simultaneously unveil hidden feelings and secrets, the characters of Fosse are beings who experience intense moments of surprising clarity and moments of deep sadness, but also moments whose uncomfortable humanity invites us to smile.



Sergio Cataño

Marina de Tavira

Rodolfo Arias


Director: Jorge A. Vargas

Executive Producer: Alicia Laguna

Assistant Producer: Maria Luisa Montiel

Graphic Designers: Roberto Betancourt / Virginia de la Luz


(Traducción Mario Betancourt Campos)